What They’re Saying about Speaking & Writing for Scientists™:

“This course helped me view public speaking as a less threatening experience, and one that can actually be fun!” – Jana L. Jensen, University of Kansas

“In a very simple and easy-to-follow formula, Dr. Ruwart will teach you how to put together a successful presentation.” – Dr. Janan Jona, Cygnus, Inc.

“… an excellent course for graduate students. Dr. Ruwart continually monitored the audience to make sure that everything was clear.” – Karen Morisseau, University of Rhode Island

“The workbook is well-organized and offers a great strategy for preparing presentations.” – Dr. Norris Turner, University of California, San Francisco

“The instructors’ communications skills were excellent.” – Dr. Nick Volpe, Searle

“Going through the various elements of a presentation (especially backwards!) was really helpful.” – Dr. Ram P. Kapil, DuPont Merck

“An excellent way to prepare a presentation! The instructor is very helpful and easy to work with!” – Dr. Krishna Kumar, North Dakota State University

“… provides excellent ideas for both writing a manuscript and preparing a talk. This course is great for all scientists, especially for those just beginning their careers.” – Dr. Cynthia Pratt, Allergen, Inc.

“I know that I can do it now!” – Shelly Dunnington, University of Missouri

“I do not have to feel stressful in preparing presentations anymore!” – Dr. T. Robert Ju, Pharmacia & Upjohn

“Attending your course got me a new job especially the way I handled the Q&A section.” – Annette Bak, Kansas University